9th World Congress of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

in conjunction with the 120th Congress of the German Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation & the Annual Meeting of the Austrian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation | 19 - 23 June 2015 - Maritim Hotel - Berlin

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Welcome Note

Dear colleagues and friends,

On behalf of the German and Austrian Societies of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (DGPMR & ÖGPMR) we cordially invite you to the 9th World Congress of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM) that will be held in Berlin from 19-23 June 2015. In the middle of the century we hope to organise an outstanding event with important scientific outcomes and educational contents at a top level. Additionally, we hope that you will experience an open and relaxed atmosphere as a basis of a good and intense communication among colleagues from all around the world. Many national and international scientific societies and organisations support us in this goal, in particular the three main European bodies of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine1.

In order to prepare a scientific programme at the highest possible level, we will invite speakers who are top quality experts in their fields and chose 9 main topics of recent interest in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. To structure the original papers, we will use the recent published ISPRM topic list2 that provides a comprehensive structure of science in our field. The sessions of these topics will be introduced by a lecture of an internationally recognised expert in the area followed by original papers. Additionally, we will provide a large spectrum of other sessions, such as hands-on-workshops and seminars, sessions for medical students and young scientists as well as special interest sessions of collaboration partners and national societies that are member of the ISPRM. Furthermore, a plenary session deals with recent topics of the ISPRM-WHO liaison, with regard to ISPRM´s special role as NGO in official relation with World Health Organization (WHO).

The programme has been planned by a scientific programme committee and reviewed by international committee that includes members from all the nine ISPRM subareas3 and a broad spectrum of scientific expertise. We are convinced that this will ensure the best possible level of contents.

Together with our PCO, Conventus Congress Management, we will organise an attractive social programme including get together dinners and tours. Additionally we are happy to announce that we are going to collaborate with the 15th congress of the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) that will be held immediately after our congress in Lyon (France). Special packages to attend both congresses will be provided for you.

We hope to see you in June 2015 in Berlin and hope that you will contribute by sharing your knowledge and expertise and discussing recent issues. It is our goal and passion to prepare a high level conference and provide an open and friendly atmosphere for communication among expert coming from all areas of the world.

We will be happy to see you in Berlin!

Tatjana Paternostro-Sluga, MD Congress President (Austria)
Christoph Gutenbrunner, MD Congress President (Germany)
Veronika Fialka-Moser, MD† Honorary Congress President (Austria)

1. The European Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ESPRM), the Section and Board of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS-PRM Section & Board), and the European Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine (EARM)

2. Gutenbrunner C, Ward AB, Li LSW, Li J, MD, Guzman M, Fialka-Moser V, Vanderstraeten G, Imamura M, Stucki G: Spectrum of topics for World Congresses and other activities of the International Society for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM) – a first proposal. J Rehabil Med 2013; 45: 1–5

3. Imamura M, Gutenbrunner C, Li J, Lains J, Frontera W, Olver J, Stucki G: Guest Editorial: 2012 – An ISPRM Landmark Year. J Rehabil Med 2013; 45: 417–422

Distinguished members of the ISPRM,

Welcome to the 9th World Congress of the ISPRM, in Berlin 2015!

Annual World Congresses gives us the opportunity to update ourselves with the rapidly developing Disability and Rehabilitation in Global Health agenda. It also allows us to advance science, promote education, training and capacity building; together with guidance, policies review and most importantly, to socialize with PRM colleagues from all the three major ISPRM areas.

Berlin 2015 will be an opportunity to welcome participants from the Baltic North Sea region in Europe, Russia and integrate all National Societies in a rich scientific and cultural environment.

Aligned with the highest scientific level possible, Berlin 2015 will be the start of a systematic approach to the ISPRM World Congress, with a structured topic list of content and sessions on topics of ISPRM-WHO collaboration in all official WHO languages that include English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Russian!

Global health agenda requires changes for the sake of the person with disability! These changes should occur now!

Let us take the opportunity to actively participate!

Sincerely yours,

Marta Imamura MD PhD
ISPRM Past President

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine I have great pleasure in welcoming you to the 9th World Congress held in Berlin from 19-23 June 2015.

With more than one billion people in the world disabled according to WHO, ISPRM and its members have a significant role to play in optimizing the functioning and health-related quality of life, and to minimizing disability in persons with disability and/or medical problems throughout the world.

The World Congress remains a unique opportunity to share knowledge and expertise, advance science, promote education and most importantly to network with PRM colleagues. Experts in the field have travelled across the globe to attend this cutting-edge educational and scientific experience, focusing on the latest developments in Physical Rehabilitation and Medicine.

I would like to thank Tatjana Paternostro-Sluga, MD (Congress President), Christoph Gutenbrunner, MD (Congress President) and the late Veronika Fialka-Moser, MD† (Honorary Congress President) for their work.

They have worked tirelessly on this 2015 ISPRM World Congress, providing an update on where the science of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine is today. I am sure that each member of ISPRM will be very proud of where ISPRM are today and excited about where we are headed.

Thank you for joining us and for your active participation to the meeting. Throughout this congress, I ask you to stay engaged, keep proactive and help ISPRM shape the future of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. Thank you for your enthusiasm ultimately driving us to achieve our common vision with WHO: “better health for people with disabilities”.

Jianan Li
President of ISPRM